About TOLH

THEONLYLILHOMIE (TOLH) is an independent Artist-Producer-Singer-Songwriter born in France.

He started music at the age of 12.
His sister found a small guitar for kids in the trash and Brian (TheonlyLilHomie) started to play with it and invested a lot of time learning with youtube tutorials. 

TOLH doesn't care about popularity/celebrity. He found his passion in music when he discovered he was depressive but music (and food...) was the only thing that could make him appreciate life again.

His main dream/goal as an artist is to inspire the world, make people feel better thanks to his music, to make people smile, dance and enjoy life.

Music makes him feel alive. He wants to share his passion so people can feel the same way he does with music.

Brian has always felt different, like a misfit in this society but instead of trying to fit in, He embraced his "flaws" and "weirdness".

He wanted to create a community for those who felt like misfits by connecting people through music. A "place" where people could feel proud to be "weird" and "different". So, he created a community called the "Alien Family"

He tells people to stay "weird", to stay themselves because he believes it makes them Unique.

Fun fact : TOLH's fans are called "ALIENS" because he says that all his fans are Cool and Unique, like Aliens.

Last but not least,
Wearing TheonlyLilHomie's merch means you are a strong person who accepts your flaws and embrace your "weirdness" like he does.
It means you are gifted and proud to be yourself.

It means you are part of the Alien Family.